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Brussels sprouts recipe

Brussels sprouts often have a bad reputation. People hate them because they are either too mushy or bitter for a pleasing addition to a meal. However, when done correctly, Brussels sprouts pop with color, flavor, and texture. They quickly become a delightful addition to any plate. This Brussels sprouts recipe is incredibly simple and delicious. It marries the subtle bitterness inherent to Brussels sprouts with the natural sweetness of the butter. The resulting union is an easy and flavorful way to add this veggie to most meals.

Original Brussels sprouts Recipe

Suppose you are entertaining  an Englishman and want to give him something “homey.” If you perchance deviling slices of rare roast beef in one chafer, then give him some Brussels sprouts in the other, and he will beam upon you in truth. Wash a quart of sprouts and take off any decayed leaves, then boil until tender in salted water. They cook very quickly. Take out and drain, then melt some good butter in the blazer and saute the sprouts lightly in the pan, dusting lightly with salt and pepper. And no matter how hot your “devil,” don’t neglect to have English mustard handy for your Briton.

Updated Method

Brussels sprouts recipe

The original Brussels sprouts recipe is void of exact measurements. So when I did the updated method, I stuck to that format. I simply boiled the sprouts in salted water for 10 minutes. I then sautéed them in the butter for another 5-7 minutes until they started to develop some color. A good rule of thumb for salting the water is 2 tablespoons of kosher salt for every 4 quarts(gallon) of water. I also sliced the Brussels sprouts in half after boiling so that they could have a flat surface to sauté on. I sautéed them in about a half tablespoon to tablespoon of butter. If you like butter, feel free to add more.

What I Learned

I learned that Brussels sprouts don’t need to be soggy, mushy, or bitter. It is possible to have a delightful veggie without much hassle. This recipe has a robust flavor and texture for the amount of time it takes to make it. I was able to cook my main dish simultaneously and had them finish at the same time. Sometimes Brussels sprouts can be intimidating. However, with this Brussels sprouts recipe it is accessible for all home cooks. There isn’t anything here that is overly ambitious from a technique or ingredient standpoint. I highly recommend trying this Brussels sprouts recipe. For a delightful variation, feel free to sauté some bacon and onion together until the bacon browns. Sauté the Brussels sprouts in that mixture with a touch of butter.

Recipe Reference

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