Quick Peach Trifle Recipe

This quick peach trifle recipe is a gem. If you find cooking intimidating, then this recipe is for you.. This recipe can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. You can mix it up with minimal effort or you can get incredibly technical and exercise your culinary chops. In short, this will be a hit with the people you share it with.

What I Loved About This Quick Peach Trifle Recipe

There is nothing better than peaches and cream. This quick peach trifle recipe combines the best of both worlds AND adds cake. How could you go wrong with that? I loved the simplicity of this recipe. Furthermore, it required minimal expense, ingredients, and effort. The end result was very tasty. Enjoy!

Original Peach Trifle Recipe From 1887

Select perfect, fresh peaches, peel and core and cut in quarters; they should be well sugared, arranged in a trifle dish with a few of their own blanched kernels among them, then heaped with whipped cream as above; the cream should not be flavored; this trifle should be set on the ice for at least an hour before serving; home-made sponge cakes should be served with it.

White Cake

Updated Method

My updated method is very simple. If you don’t have access to fresh peaches, feel free to use canned peaches. Obviously they won’t be as great as fresh, but it will still taste great. When it comes to the cake, feel free to use a mix. If you want to bake one from scratch, you can use this recipe.

What I Learned

I don’t hate on canned peaches. On the contrary, one of the best desserts I had in my life used canned peaches. However, if you use canned peaches for this dessert, avoid using the ones with light syrup. They lacked the sweetness I wanted from the dish. I can’t wait for late summer when fresh peaches are in season.

My Favorite Memory With Peaches

There was a time in my life when I was living in Tennessee. While living there, I had an experience with peaches that may have ruined them for me forever.

I absolutely love peaches. They have a distinct flavor that instantly makes me smile. One day at work, one of my clients brought me a fresh peach that was in season. He said he knew a guy that sold them for 2 weeks out of the year. I thanked him for the peach and I set it on my desk.

The day seemed to be flying by, and I had all but forgotten about the peach. Generally, I rarely ever get excited for peaches. The ones I get from the store tend to be rock hard and flavorless. You bite in hoping for a burst of sweetness that never comes.

Forever Ruined!

However, I felt I had to at least try this peach. My client had talked it up to the point where my curiosity was bursting. I picked up the peach. It was the size of a small softball. I casually took a bite, filled with minimal expectations.. I wasn’t prepared for the river of juice that ran down my arms. My nose filled instantly with a sweet and fragrant aroma. Each bite was better than the last. The sweet and sticky juice was all over my mouth, hands, and arms. I didn’t care. I was in heaven.

Once I greedily inhaled the last bite, a deep depression consumed me. Before that moment, I didn’t really know how amazing a peach could be. Now as I pass the rock hard and flavorless variety in the grocery store, I stare longingly. I am instantly transported back to that one brief moment where I experienced a peach the way God intended.

Finally, if you have a fond food memory, I’d love to feature it. Feel free to share a recipe and a memory here.

Reference For Quick Peach Trifle Recipe

White House Cookbook. A Selection of Choice Recipes. Mrs. F.L. Gillette. 1887

Why You Need This Quick Peach Trifle Recipe From 1887

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