Best Vermont Maple Syrup Tour

Sugarbush Farms is the best vermont maple syrup tour. In this week’s episode, I speak with Betsy, who took over the farm from her parents. Betsy works the farm with her husband and two sons.

What Is Sugarbush Farm All About

If you are visiting a farm on your vacation, it likely means that you are wanting a break from the hustle of city life. Sugarbush farm definitely has the small town charm you’d expect from a farm tour. Sugarbush arm is well known for their syrup, made on location, as well as their cheese. They get their cheese from local farmers and ship it out all over the country.

Fun Fact About Sugarbush Farms

Betsy’s dad, Jack, bought the farm in 1945 with a dream to make it in country living. Jack was raised in the city and he eventually wanted a change of pace. He struggled to make it as a farmer. He had a series of setbacks that had his wife questioning if they would make it or not.

Jack and his wife, Marion, got really good at selling local treats and cheese. They were the first farm in Vermont to package cheese in wax to help it last longer without refrigeration.

Make sure you listen to the episode to learn more about other setbacks Jack experienced. From listening to Betsy, I learned something about resiliency. It would have been easy for her father to give up time and time again. However, he stuck with it and found a way to be successful. Today the business has had 3 generations involved in making it a success.

The Best Vermont Maple Syrup Tour?

Catch Sap 1 Drip At A time

You can tour several maple farms in Vermont. However, Betsy and Larry work hard to ensure that everyone who visits has a great time. Furthermore, they try to help you sample several tasty products that will keep you coming back. This farm is 550 acres, and has 8,800 trees. They are open year round. However, weather can hamper a farm visit in winter and early spring.

If you make it out to the farm, Betsy will treat you like family. You will learn about the unique process of turning maple sap into maple syrup and enjoy the simple life the country offers.

To check out Sugarbush Farm. Visit their website!

Best Vermont Maple Syrup Tour With Sugarbush Farm

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