What is Chicago Style Pizza?

When I think about Chicago, I have to ask, what is Chicago style pizza? This episode will shed some light on the history of this iconic culinary creation. This week’s interview is with Meggie Lindberg. She is the brand manager at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in Chicago.

The Beginning of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

There is some debate surrounding the founding of the Chicago deep dish pizza. The general consensus is that the first Chicago deep dish pizza began in 1943 in Uno Pizzeria. Ike Sewell was credited as being the genius behind this amazing blend of ingredients. An article that appeared in the Chicago Daily News in 1956. They stated that chef Rudy Malnati developed the recipe and not Ike.

I guess it wouldn’t be Chicago without a fair amount of drama and scandal. Today the popularity of this dish remains fairly localized to the Chicagoland area. Whether Rudy Malnati or Ike Sewell developed the recipe is irrelevant. What matters is that they began a pizza revolution in one of America’s largest cities.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria Is Born

Native Chicagoans are fiercely divided on who has the best pizza. One thing is certain. Uno Pizzeria was first and all others branched out from there. Lou Malnati got his start with Uno Pizzeria before branching out.

In 1971, Lou Malnati opened his first Pizzeria with his wife. In 1978 he passed away from cancer. His son Marc took over the business and it has remained in the family since. They are obsessed with the tradition that Lou started, as well as the quality of ingredients on each pie.

You don’t have to go to Chicago to experience Lou Malnati’s. Check it out!

Little Known Fact!

The iconic Chicago style deep dish pizza tends to absorb much of the limelight and attention. However, people in the midwest love a thin crust pizza, often cut in squares. Instead of thin and chewy, like New York pizza, the pizza has a distinct crunch in every bite.

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What Is Chicago Style Pizza? A History of Lou Malnati’s

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