History of Schimpff's Confectionery

Schimpff’s confectionary is a candy business and museum that has been in operation since 1891. On today’s show I interview the current owners, Warren and Jill Schimpff, about the history of Schimpff’s Confectionery.

Warren and Jill have tremendous passion for the candy business. I absolutely enjoyed my chat with them. They are down to earth people who enjoy a simple life. I can’t think of a better job than what they have. They get to bring smiles to people’s faces every day.

Why Is The History of Schimpff’s Confectionery Important?

What makes Schimpff’s Confectionery magical is the fact that they have been around for so long. A business that has survived for over 100 years, and has spanned 4 generations, is fascinating. Furthermore, Warren and Jill still make many of the old traditional favorites that the Schimpff’s have been making from the beginning.

Schimpff’s formally started their confectionery in Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1891. However, the Schimpff family was making candy in the Louisville area long before that.

The Schimpff’s were German immigrants who came to the area for a fresh start. Candy making was an easy thing for immigrants to do. All they needed was a metal pot, some sugar, and the rest is history. The operating costs were very minimal.

Everyone Contributes Through History

The history of Schimpff’s Confectionery fascinated me. They had several owners in the family through the years. What really stood out to me was how each owner was able to leave their own mark on the business.

Today Warren and Jill have a passion for candy history. Their mark on the business was with the addition of the museum. When they took over the business, they had a vast collection of vintage candy making machines and tools. They turned that passion into a demonstration area where you can see how candy was made back in the 1800s.

If you want to try some of Schimpff’s products drop by and visit them. They have a large selection of treats in store. Warren and Jill also ship a variety of candies nationwide. You can find out more about Schimpff’s Confectionery here.

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History of Schimpff’s Confectionery Open Since 1891

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