The Oldest Restaurant In Florida

Have you ever wondered what the oldest restaurant in Florida is? Michael Kilgore comes on the show to talk about Columbia Restaurant. This is a fifth generation, family-owned business that has been operating for almost 115 years. Incredible!

What Makes A Restaurant Last

I’ve interviewed quite a few family restaurants and businesses. I feel very strongly that longevity in business comes down to three things. First, you need to have passion for what you do. That passion needs to be so intense that it is contagious. Second, you need luck. Every business that has been around for a long time can point to an instance or two where they had some luck that kept them open. Finally, you need to avoid complacency.

Michael said that they have a saying around Columbia. You are only as good as your last meal. This fits right in with that theme of avoiding complacency. In the restaurant business you absolutely have to put your best self out there every time. You can’t phone it in or take a night off.

Where To Find Columbia Restaurant?

My conversation with Michael was an absolute about the oldest restaurant in Florida was a delight. There were so many value bombs dropped. I learned a lot. You could feel the passion that permeates everything they do at Columbia Restaurant. When you listen to the interview you will feel it as well. It is absolutely contagious.

Columbia Restaurant has several locations throughout Florida. To find a location near you in Florida, click here. To find Columbia Restaurant on facebook click here.

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The Oldest Restaurant In Florida With Michael Kilgore

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