The Peacock Alley Restaurant

The Peacock Alley Restaurant is the oldest operating restaurant in North Dakota. On today’s show we have Peacock Alley’s owner, Dale Zimmerman, on to talk about the history of this awesome restaurant.

A Dark Past and A Bright Future

Dale outlined some of the interesting past with Peacock Alley. During prohibition, Al Capone and his men would stop in on their runs to Canada to smuggle in illegal alcohol. At that time, Peacock Alley was a restaurant inside of the Patterson Hotel.

As a result all sorts of illegal activity went down at the Patterson hotel. Prostitution, gambling, and alcohol were common. The authorities raided the hotel several times and were unable to get any arrests. This was due to an elaborate alarm system they had in place.

The Hotel is no longer in business. It was converted into senior housing. However, the Peacock Alley restaurant still remains. They have evolved with the times and serve up a menu that is loaded with unique and amazing beef dishes. Dale said they have the best burger. They have had many celebrities and 4 United States Presidents stop by. Dale and his team have worked tirelessly to set up the restaurant for success now and in the years to come. Their future is bright indeed.

Where to Find Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley has a rich history. I only scratched the surface in the interview. You can find out more about Peacock Alley here and their Facebook page here.

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Peacock Alley Restaurant, With Dale Zimmerman
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