The Palace Diner

This week’s episode is all about Palace Diner in Biddeford, Maine. Palace Diner is the oldest restaurant in Maine, and on today’s show we chat with co-owner Chad Conley about its history and where they are at today.

A Brief History of Palace Diner

The Palace Diner was built in 1927 by the Pollard Company in Lowell, Massachusetts. It has been in Biddeford, Maine for its entire life. There are only two Pollard cars in operation today. Palace Diner is one of these cars.

In 2014 Chad Conley and his business partner, Greg Mitchell reopened Palace Diner. They are the sixth owners to be involved in the business.

Serving A New Population

Chad brought up a great point during our interview. He talked about what Biddeford was like when the Palace Diner first opened. They were serving an industrial town with textile mills that employed a large portion of the population.

At that time the town needed a diner that would serve cheap food around the clock. Now the needs of Biddeford have changed. Like much of American towns, they have moved away from an industrial town to a younger crowd of urban professionals.

Chad and company do what they can to respect the history behind Palace Diner, while also catering to a different time. They do it well and have been very successful.

Where To Find The Palace Diner?

If you happen to be in Biddeford, Maine, you have to hop in and see these guys. You can also find their website here. You can follow them on instagram here.

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Palace Diner in Maine With Chad Conley
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