Who Invented Popcorn

I come from a family that is obsessed with popcorn. We live for that tasty, crunchy and salty snack. When I started researching who invented popcorn, it became apparent. It wasn’t a single person. Many people have placed their stamp on the delightful history of popcorn through the years. In today’s episode we are going to highlight a few of them.

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Today’s Show Is All About Who Invented Popcorn

Today we are going to learn all about who invented popcorn. I make sure to hit all the highlights. I cover the 4 main different varieties of corn.

Of course I had to talk about Charles Cretors, who invented the popcorn popper, as well as Orville Redenbacher, who invented a great popping hybrid, in that discussion.

We also cover the progression of popcorn through history. From the 1920s, through the depression and WWII to microwave popcorn today. There is something here for everyone. Enjoy the show!

Recipe for Movie Theater Popcorn

This is my no frills recipe for movie theater popcorn:

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp flavacol
  • 4 oz unpopped popcorn kernels

Mix the ingredients together in a stovetop popper or pot. Keep the kernels moving so they don’t scorch. Move popcorn to a town as it pops. Enjoy!

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Who Invented Popcorn: Delicious Popcorn Facts and History
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