History of In-N-Out

The history of In-N-Out stretches all the way back to 1948. Harry and Esther Snyder started the first In-N-Out in Baldwin, CA. On today’s episode we are going to dive right into this amazing company and its history.

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The History of In-N-Out: Beginnings

The History of In-N-Out is fascinating. In the early days, Harry spent a lot of time in his garage developing a two-way intercom for his customers to place orders. He was one of the first proper drive thrus in the state of California, and possibly the country.

When Harry passed away, the company changed hands. His son Rich ran things until his untimely death in 1993. Esther, and his brother Gary, then ran the company. Gary passed away from a drug overdose, and Esther passed away from old age. Ownership of the company then fell on Lynsi, Gary’s daughter.

Through the years In-N-Out has managed to keep their menu largely unchanged. They have been incredibly consistent through the years, and they execute the basics very well.

This company has been through so much over its 70+ years in business. I can’t wait for you to hear all about one of my favorite burger places.

History of In-N-Out

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The History of In-N-Out: I’ll Have Mine Animal Style
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