Who Invented Oreos

Are you a biter, a twister, or a dunker? Today’s show is all about who invented Oreos and how this humble snack became the world’s most popular cookie. Nabisco is responsible for creating the cookie itself. In 1912 they rolled out their version of the chocolate sandwich cookie. Sunshine Biscuits, Inc. had already developed a chocolate sandwich cookie in 1908. Many people believe that Nabisco stole the idea from Sunshine. Unfortunately, the Sunshine cookie had a terrible name, Hydrox cookies. and never really took off like Oreos.

Who Invented Oreos: A Look At The Filling

So how have Oreos changed over time? The truth is, they haven’t changed much. Nabisco claims responsibility for the cookie itself. However, there is a name we can attach to the creme filling. Sam Porcello was responsible for creating the recipe for the white stuff. He was Nabisco’s principle scientist for many years. His contributions to the cookie earned him the nickname, “Mr. Oreo.”

Variations Through The Years

Oreo has had many different flavors and variations through the years. Make sure you check out this great video for the big stuff Oreo. It was an Oreo that launched in 1984 and was jumbo size. It looks magical! However, Nabisco discontinued the cookie in 1991.

The Optimal Oreo Dunk Time

Now For you dippers out there. Have you ever wondered what the optimal time is for dipping an Oreo? Researchers at Utah State University have actually done studies on how long is the optimal time to dip an oreo. Their study focused on other cookies as well, like graham crackers and nutter butters. With Oreos, after 1 second they have absorbed 50% of the fluids possible. Around 4 seconds the cookie reached maximum absorption. Beyond that you get less than ideal results. At 5 seconds the sugars and proteins began breaking down, so your cookie literally begins to fall apart on you. 

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Who Invented Oreos: The World’s Most Popular Cookie
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