I have so many fond memories about food. From roasting marshmallows on campouts, to big pancake breakfasts with my grandpa, I have deeply enjoyed food over my lifetime. I am going to be doing periodic “memory shows” with my podcast. Share a food memory by completing the form below. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will be receiving a free vintage cookbook and 1 email a week. I will keep all of your information private.

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The Power of Pancakes

Many of my fondest memories growing up were from visiting my Grandma and Grandpa in southern Utah. The adventures were everything a young and growing boy could ever ask for. I learned to fish, hunt, and how to respect the outdoors.. 

One thing that remained constant on every visit was Grandpa’s breakfast. He’d always wake up at the crack of dawn, typically before an early fishing trip. He’d fire up the stove and get bacon crackling in no time. Typically I’d wake up to soft sounds coming from the kitchen. I’d stumble sleepily into the room and plop myself down at the table. The savory aroma of bacon would tickle my senses. My appetite would grow deeper as I heard the soft sizzle of pancake batter hitting the hot pan. 

When Grandpa was done in the kitchen, we’d have bacon, eggs, and all the pancakes I could stomach. It was a rich and heavy feast that sustained me through cold mornings on the lake, or chasing dogs in the mountains. 

Why It Is Important To Share A Food Memory

I associate many memories with food. Lately I’ve been blogging a lot about food history. I cook vintage recipes from the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s. Each time I crack open one of these old cookbooks, I wonder about the memories someone had with these recipes. It made me think of the many memories and traditions I have experienced in my lifetime with food. I realized that in a very real way I connect with my past through food.