Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Today’s episode really is winner winner chicken dinner. I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris and Sherri with The Hill Family Farm. They are a local farm in the middle Tennessee area. They are the perfect example of what it takes to raise food and animals responsibly, ethically, and locally.

It’s All About The Chicken

Chicken is often on my mind a lot. It’s a cheap and easy protein that is easy to whip up into something spectacular. One of my favorite phrases is, “winner winner chicken dinner.” Naturally the focus of my interview with Chris and Sherri revolved around chicken.

What Does It Take To Do Chicken Right?

I have had a mistaken belief for some time now that produce and meat in the 1800s were smaller than they are today. In fact, that’s what sparked the idea for this episode. I was reading in a cookbook from 1887. The recipe I was reading called for a 5 pound chicken. I thought, “I can go to the store today and get a 5 pound chicken. Where chickens really smaller back then?” I decided to interview a chicken farmer to find out.

While Chris and Sherri couldn’t speak to how chickens were in the 1800s, they had a lot to say about how chickens are raised today. It seems factory farms are concerned with one thing, profit. In my interview, Sherri brings this point up. She spoke about how factory farms are all about putting in the smallest amount they can and getting the biggest return.

The Hill Family Farm has a different mindset when it comes to farming. They are focused on quality over quantity. Like Sherri said, it’s a big responsibility to take a life. I’d much rather eat meat or produce from a farm that has that level of respect for life than an operation solely focused on pumping out the highest quantity.

Where To Find The Hill Family Farm?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hill Family Farm, you can find them on their website and facebook page. Like Chris and Sherri said, they want to make sure you feel welcome. They will drop everything to give you a small tour and help you out. However, they do appreciate a heads up message if you plan on stopping by.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner With The Hill Family Farm
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