Crown Burgers

When I think of food that is truly unique to Utah, I think of Crown Burgers. Crown Burgers serves up their signature burger, the Crown Burger. This is a burger worth a pilgrimage. It is a juicy patty that has been charbroiled and topped with a heaping portion of pastrami. It is unlike anything you have ever had before.

A Brief History of an Iconic Burger

Today’s episode is all about the history of Crown Burgers. They were able to get their start in 1978. They launched their iconic pastrami burger in Utah. The family had previously tried to launch a pastrami burger in California. However, received a lukewarm reception, and never took off.

Dean explained the timing was just right to launch in Utah. It was winter and the concept of a nice hot burger, topped with steaming pastrami, on a cold day must have been appealing. Utahns latched onto the concept and has helped Crown Burgers become a Utah staple.

Where To Find Crown Burgers?

There are a number of restaurant locations peppered throughout the Salt Lake area. If you are in town, there is a chance that you are near at least one of them. You can find the menu and more information at their website here. You can find their Facebook page here.

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History of Crown Burgers With Dean Maroudas

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