What Do Astronauts Eat

Space travel is easily one of my favorite things to fantasize about. I’m a sci-fi junkie! Lately I’ve been wondering about what do astronauts eat? For today’s show we are going to go beyond earth to explore space food! Last week’s episode we talked about instant noodles and how the first instant noodles were eaten in space in 2005. I have been wanting to talk about the history of space and military food for a while. Today is the day!

The world was forever changed when on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin completed a single orbit around the earth. His flight through space lasted 108 minutes as he orbited the earth a single time. Alan Shepherd followed suit as the United States sent one of their own into orbit on May 5, 1961, just a month later. 

With these incredible feats of technology, bravery and determination, mankind was forever changed. Initially these flights were just a few minutes. As a result, there was no need for meals in flight. However, that quickly changed dramatically. It wasn’t long until flights began to last several days. The longest string of consecutive days in space came when Russian Valery Polyakov spent 438 consecutive days in space. When that much time is being spent in space, food becomes more important than ever. 

What Do Astronauts Eat on Various Missions?

Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, the space shuttle program and the ISS(international space station) all have had different impacts on food in space. Each mission contributed something to the overall food history of space. Curious about who the first astronaut was to eat food in space? John Glenn! Make sure you listen to understand what each mission added to the evolution of food in space.

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What Do Astronauts Eat: Space Food on Steroids
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